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Server Room Cleaning

For the majority of companies today, the server room is the life blood of their business, storing sensitive information on clients, projects, sales, finances and much more. A regularly scheduled cleaning program, performed by qualified professionals, is recognized throughout the IT industry as the first line of defense in protecting operations against unscheduled downtime and unwanted hardware failures. At Nobility Cleaning we take all aspects of dust and cleanliness seriously, especially one that can have a big impact on defending your day-to-day operations. Each one of our technicians are well-trained and qualified to provide detailed cleaning no matter how big or small your server room might be.

When cleaning a server room, the hardware such as the servers, power surge protection systems and wires the first place that dust and dirt begin to accumulate. As every IT technician will attest, the fans in the server room can cause dust, dirt and lint to build up and even lead to overheating. This can pose a direct threat to your hard drive and motherboard’s capacity to run at optimal levels. This restriction on airflow can also lead to increased temperatures and ultimately hardware failures, downtime and business interruption.

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At Nobility Cleaning we believe that a proactive approach by implementing a scheduled routine cleaning is the best way to avoid these situations, and just as important is the equipment used during the cleaning. As a result, anti-static materials should always be used to ensure protection against and ESD (electrostatic discharging) throughout the cleaning process. These may include ESD Compliant vacuums, and anti-static micro fiber cloths.

In addition to paying attention to the server, cabinets, workstations, and equipment, it’s also important to include the cleaning of the floor surface, walls and ceilings. When cleaning raised floor surfaces careful attention should be paid to cleaning under the raised floors to remove build up, to avoid any settled dust. The same applies to the walls and ceilings which should be carefully vacuumed and hand wiped to ensure that your server room is as free of any dust particulate as possible.


Each month, several facilities ranging in size from small server rooms with a handful of cabinets, to server farm sized faculties depend on Nobility Cleaning to perform routine cleaning to take care of their server cleaning needs. Our trained cleaning technicians would be happy to work to support your IT department in ensuring that your server room is as clean as it can be. If you are interested in booking a consultation, feel free to email us or call us for an on-site visit for a free server room assessment.

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