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High Dusting

Dust management is a major concern for every facility, whether it is low-level or high-level dusting. However, the higher the ceilings the more challenging it can become to remove bacteria, dust, and dirt-build up. These areas can include air vents, ceilings, pipes, light fixtures, trusses and any areas exceeding 16 feet.


When it comes to preparing an effective cleaning program, it’s important to schedule routine high dusting to address these hard-to-reach areas to ensue good air quality for your customers and employees.

Depending on the facility and the type of operation, we typically recommend semi to annual high dusting which may involve the use of Scissor Lifts and Articulating Boom Lifts in order to reach these difficult areas. As safety is a major consideration when cleaning at high-levels extra care and precaution should be used.

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At Nobility Cleaning our team consists of trained professionals that are experts in cleaning ceilings, walls and other high spaces. Our staff are thoroughly prepped on each item in the Scope of Work, and safety protocols are always made priority, including wearing the appropriate PPE and safety harness.

Each year, several factories, warehouses, educational institutions, and manufacturing facilities trust Nobility Cleaning to take care of their high dusting needs as we take pride in our work, offering consistent quality service with before and after photos for each project. If you are interested in having your facility high dusted, feel free to reach out to us today for a free consultation with no obligation.

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