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Hiring a commercial cleaning company is a lot like ordering a pizza. You want the right combination of ingredients at a good price with quick delivery. The difference between a janitorial service and your deep dish dinner is that if you made the right choice, neither will leave any traces behind that they existed.

Here is a list of ten things you need to know before you hire your next cleaner:

1) – It’s Going To Take Some Time

You are going to have to conduct some serious CSI work when researching cleaners. Ask for recommendations from your contacts and once you choose once, conduct a background check.

2) – The Filter They Use

You will want to find out what kind of screening process is used by the company you select. The individuals on their payroll will have to be trustworthy and capable at the very least.

3) – That’s Liable To Happen

A Certificate of Liability, which is current and still in force, is one of those things that tells you a bit more about who you are dealing with. Properly covered companies are legit companies.

4) – The Goo Used By The Crew

The cleaning products used by the janitorial service you hire are important. If your office has a green policy, this is even more important. Delicate surfaces also must be treated with the right products.

5) – Making A List, Checking It Twice

A checklist of specific cleaning duties in each area to be serviced is a great tool. It keeps the commercial cleaner on track and lets you know what they are doing when you are not around.

6) – Show Me The Money

Payment plans are crucial. Before the first mop hits the floor you will need a firm directive on rates (weekly/monthly) and the terms. A written estimate helps keep this under control.

7) – Guaranteed To Please

The policies of the janitorial service you employ will be very important. Do they guarantee their work and can you contact someone as soon as something needs improvement?

8 – Curb Your Dog

Pets in the workplace may be therapeutic for staff, but on cleaning day it could become a problem. Your commercial cleaner may request they be left at home so check beforehand.

9) – Inspection Orders

There is nothing wrong with being on site when the cleaner arrives. Provided you don’t get in their way, you should get along fine. They may prefer you were not there so discuss this before your janitor begins the job.

10) – Share The Wealth

If you select the perfect janitorial service, don’t be shy about letting them and others know. Commercial cleaners pick up extra clients through referrals – much in the same way you hired yours.

Extra Toppings

There you have it. This short list of the ten things you should know before hiring your next cleaner will save you time and many a headache with the wrong cleaning service.

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