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What sets Nobility Cleaning Group apart?

Nobility Cleaning Group is a boutique commercial cleaning company providing custom service packages for dozens of commercial clients across Ontario. From universities to factories, hotels to offices, and almost everything in between, Nobility has been the sought after choice for high quality cleaning and facility maintenance. Built on the principal of putting the customer first we pride ourselves on deeply understanding your project, preparing a thorough proposal, and offering a clear implementation plan.


Customer Service

At the heart of Nobility Cleaning's success is our attention to detail in communication. We value our customers' expectations and whether we need to clarify the scope of work, respond to emergency requests, prepare an RFP, provide before and after photos - our customer service team is ready and willing to assist you.

Professional Staff
Throughout our years of business operation, Nobility Cleaning Group has been able to attract and retain several rock star cleaning technicians, managers, and partners. By working with a team of professionals you can be confident that we will consistently clean and maintain your facility to the highest standards possible. We believe in taking great care of our employees so that they can provide for their families, live comfortably and focus on cleaning when duty calls.    

Satisfaction Guarantee

Why would you pay for a cleaning service that you are not happy with? At Nobility Cleaning Group the job is not complete unless you are completely satisfied. We operate based on the golden rule of “doing unto others as you would have them do unto you”. Customer service has been at the core of our company’s growth and success and we want you to know that your feedback means everything to us.


Our commitment to you is that we will guarantee your satisfaction with our workmanship no matter what. With our highly skilled trained professional cleaners and our unique quality control systems we are confident that we will deliver consistently and on a timely basis.

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